My office is located at 24 Park Row in Chatham, New York, 12037.  My office telephone number is (518) 392-6932.

I offer treatment to adolescents and adults. As one may see elsewhere on this website, I offer psychotherapy assisted by a number of techniques including but not limited to E.M.D.R., E.F.T. Neurofeedback, as well as helping educate my patients with regard to understanding more about what troubles them.

When necessary and never without ongoing psychotherapy, I provide medication specifically to assist with the therapeutic process and hopefully with a view to eventually reducing and discontinuing medication when one is able to function without it.

In addition it is my endeavor to assist adolescents and parents in their communications with each other. A particular focus of my work concerns trauma, dissociation and P.T.S.D.

I do love to help and educate people and offer my services to small groups of people who are seeking information in a conversational style group setting.  While lecturing per se is not my style, ask me a question and if I feel I can help I will willingly share what knowledge I have on the subject.

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