Neurofeedback for Laymen

EEG Biofeedback (BFB) is also known as “neurofeedback.”

All Biofeedback is nothing more than a mirror. In EEG-biofeedback the activity of the brain is mirrored back to the person so that their brain can know what it is doing while it is doing it. The equipment and the science behind neurofeedback are complicated but actually doing neurofeedback is as easy and as uncomplicated as looking at yourself in the mirror.

The information display, which acts like a mirror and looks like a video game, shows the person how their brain needs to improve. The person and their brain are completely in control of the biofeedback. And, the brain only changes activity that needs to be changed. Problems are gradually changed while strengths and talents are preserved when the person uses the neurofeedback information display to change their own brain activity patterns.

Neurofeedback is like exercising except, instead of growing more muscle tissue, the brain grows more connections.

The new connections allow the brain to have more capabilities but the person has to use those new connections in order to turn capabilities into skill sets.

Different amounts of practice are needed depending upon the problems that need to be changed and the age and sex of the person with the problems.

Because the brain is growing new connections, good nutrition during neurofeedback practice is very useful.

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