My Philosophy

There is a tendency in the way medicine is practiced today for doctors to relate to charts and diagnoses more closely than they relate to the patient. I treat patients and not diagnoses.  As I see it, my task is to find out with the patient who they are and what seems to be making life uncomfortable for them. While I must provide a diagnosis to all for payment to be made, it is for me a guide and not an absolute reality.  We examine the details of concerns, symptoms and historical facts in order to understand the fabric of this person’s life and how these details fit into this fabric.

Medication is used where it will be helpful in facilitating the therapeutic process with a view, if possible, to eventually work out a way to do without it.  This is not always possible but usually is.  Under no conditions will I provide Medication Management outside of psychotherapy.

My work involves a therapeutic relationship and the use of other means that I deem helpful to the process.  As I work, study and learn I incorporate newly found techniques that have been shown to be helpful in speeding or deepening the process. Some of the techniques I employ are taken from E.M.D.R., E.F.T., Neurofeedback and various breathing or attention focusing in concert with breathing, most of which are explained under the various headings in other places on this website.

The task is always to help someone find more meaning and satisfaction in their relationship with themselves, the world, and the people around them.

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