All negative emotions involve a disruption in the body’s energy system. E.F.T. uses this principle to balance emotions in the face of painful experiences, memories or thoughts.

The patient is taught to focus on the issue at hand and then to re-balance his/her energy by tapping lightly the energy points on the body. The goal of the tapping is to decrease the intensity of the painful emotion and thus diminish its debilitating effects. It takes a little patience to learn the sequence of points on which to tap, but once learned, E.F.T. is invaluable in meeting head-on many of life’s stressful situations. Importantly, once learned, the tapping can be used on short notice, any time and anywhere, whenever a crisis arises.

In the case of traumatic histories, a version of the technique called “Tearless Trauma” makes it possible to affect the intensity of the emotional response to a past trauma without having to re-experience the full-blown pain of the original event.

Many clinics all over the world use E.F.T.  regularly in their treatment regimens.  It has been used very successfully on war veterans.

Although I was originally skeptical that such a simple technique could achieve such profound results, I now use it in my practice as an adjunct to other techniques and teach it frequently to patients, friends and family.

For a quick look at Basic Points and technique, and links for fuller exploration, see at the EFT Universe Website.



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